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Our current society

Our current society has to deal with a lot of ecological and social problems. Burn-out, fear for failure, depression are emerging in every level of our society and at every age level. We have nowadays so much information available, but still cannot solve our basic human problems.

A lack of personal development

We can notice a lack of personal development on every level of our society. This lack of personal development causes communication problems, emotional reactions, relationship failures and eventually the creation of a life which we do not long for. The 21st century needs a whole new approach.


In our Butterflywise school we explore education which stimulates the child to develop it’s full potential as a human being. The transformation process (egg, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly) describes the natural transformation process of a human and also of new talents emerging. We want to equip children fully for the 21st century.

Love, safety and breath

The basic principles to raise children who are fully aware of their potential is that they feel loved and safe. If this basic need is fulfilled, they can develop the social and communication skills to interact with the world around them. Because almost every child lives now in stressful environment, relaxation, meditation and breathing as well as arts and play are needed to become aware again what it means to be ‘a human’.

Arts: a tool for personal development

Every child is born as an artist, an explorer and entrepreneur. If we want to cherich and enhance this skills in a child, we need the power of art, play and wonder to be integrated in every educational practice. Arts is also a very good communication tool and creates unity throughout cultures, religions, differences… It stimulates entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

Authentic communication

Authentic communication means that our words should match with what we think and dream, with what we feel, with our body language and our actions. We use the rainbow talents plan as a tool to become aware of this different levels of communication. Authentic communication skills give the child inner strength and naturally protect against deception. This is of course a life long personal development process.

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Discover our Butterflywise school

Our butterflywise team

Briony Vanden Bussche

Briony Vanden Bussche is founder and director of the Butterflywise school. She is trainer, innovator in education and singer-song writer. She obtained next to to her training in applied economics and education, a profound training in personal development and arts and gives relaxation courses in the school. She always searches to build bridges between the possibilities of future education and current society structures. She founded the Heart Brain Academy, an international platform which supports schools and innovation in education worldwide.

Yeray Medina Medina

Yeray is teacher for the children of 10-12 years old and is a passionate sports teacher. As he is originally from Gran Canaria, he speaks fluently Spanish what is a real advantage for the communication with our spanish children and parents.

He is very dedicated to his children and no effort is too much. He really enjoys experience based and indepedent learning.

Sanne Wubben

Sanne is teacher of the children from 8-10 years old. She is always full of sparkling energy and enthousiasm. She is extremely caring for every child and always seeks solutions for every problem of the child (in learning or family situations). Her hobby is professional horse driving.

Edith Gysbrecht

Edith is teacher of the children of 8 years old. She is experienced in relaxation and also very eager to learn everything about accelarated learning. In her class you always get an experience of ‘zen’.

Timmi Vanwassenhoven

Timmi is teacher of the children of 7 years old. She is very experienced in learning by playing. She is an important bridge between the kindergarten and the elementary school education. She is dreamy but also very focused and talented women who brings innovation in the school. In a previous working life she was also a talented bloemist.

Charlotte De Ruyte

comings soon

Peggy Bastiaens

coming soon

Xander Nichting

Our music teacher, violist and composer (in collaboration with Professional Arts Education MA’GO).

Lauranne Peeraer

Teacher dance (in collaboration with Professional Arts Education MA’GO)

Danielle De Nul

Teacher drama & theatre (in collaboration with Professional Arts Education MA’GO)

Katrien Sels

Teacher Visual Arts (in collaboration with Professional Arts Education Kaska)

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