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Butterflywise events

International Conference: The voice of children

Next conference: 20th and 21st of May 2016 in Brussels in collaboration with The university college Odisee in Brussels and in collaboration with the Alliance for Childhood

Focus 2016: Participation of the child’s voice in education: well-being and happiness of the child as an indicator.
How to handle children with school-tiredness, with a resistance to learning and studying? How to deal with learning difficulties? How to get children involved and engaged socially and how to motivate them? How to avoid school dropout in the future?

During this conference we discover the different tools needed to give children a voice.

Butterflywise Life Events

Events for every life changing moment


Events, party’s, ceremonies and rituals for every life changing moment, regardless of religion where children are coached in their development of identity and talent expression. With theatre, dance, music and arts we co-create your event around a theme in which your child can express itself the most. The butterflywise educational vision and methods are integrated in every event. Educational tips and tricks for the next period in life are integrated in the expression of arts.

  • pregnancy, birth, adoption
  • from baby to toddler (e.g. 3y), from toddler to pupil (e.g. 6y), from primary school to secondary school (e.g. 12y), …
  • anniversary
  • marriage
  • funeral

Fairy Arts Festival

Sat 9th & Sun 10th of July 2016, Kapelle op-den Bos, Belgium (Between Antwerp and Brussels)
In collaboration with the Body & Soul Festival

The Fairy Arts Festival is a colorful event for all ages. During this festival you will be completely overwhelmed by fairies, many different elements, creatures of nature, dragons, druids, … You can discover all kind of fairy arts: dancing, singing, painting, puppets, acrobatics, creative expression. Central theme in our festival is the childwise education for parents, educators, teachers and children of course! You can also discover the fairy arts market and the fairy school.

Key Topics

Talent Development

New ways of developing and expressing talents and other solutions to educational challenges we face today